Airsoft Defence Form

In order to purchase some of our products, you must provide a Defence Evidence or Reason For Purchase. This may include but is not limited to Replica Firearms, Replica Guns and other Replica Weaponry.

This is a Legal Requirement set by the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, set in place by the UK Government.

By filling out this form and accepting, you confirm that any information you submit is accurate and that the order and the defence are in your own name and address. Please note we still reserve the right to contact you for further proof should we need it. Any orders found to not be compliant may be rejected without any further communication.

Your valid Defence can be one of the following: 

  • Valid UKARA Number
  • TV / Production / Theatre
  • Re-enactment
  • Museum Collection 
  • Civil Service

Once you have completed the defence form it will remain on our system for future reference. For example, if you use a UKARA to purchase an RIF with 6 months left until it expires and you again decide to purchase an RIF 3 months later we will use your UKARA you have provided 3 months prior to fulfil your order. When your UKARA expires you will need to provide a new number via our defence form. We may occasionally ask that you update your details to ensure that all details are correct prior to completing your purchase.